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Be mine? ( Draco Malfoy X Reader )

Be mine? ( Draco Malfoy X Reader )

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M By slytherinstars Updated 5 days ago

Y/N L/N lives on the same street as the Malfoys.

She has a small crush on the boy next door, Draco.

On her 11th birthday, she gets her Hogwarts letter. Of course she did. Her parents are well known in the Wizarding World. Why wouldn't they be? 

Y/N's parents were Slytherin when they were at Hogwarts.
They are Purebloods.
They are very rich.
They also work at the ministry.

Of course the Malfoys are best friends with the L/Ns. 

But can Y/N and Draco become more than that?

GODDAMMIT I WILL SLIT YOUR THROAT PANSY-- / Y/N: *keeps me still cuz im so smol* ._.
I wanna believe that im in hufflepuff but i took three different tests and they all say gryffindor ;-; the last one said:
                              32% Gryffindor
                              25% Hufflpuff
                              24% Ravenclaw and
                              19% Slytherin ;-;
SW0925 SW0925 20 hours ago
*breaks teeth*
                              *blackens eye*
                              Touch me one more time, bitch I dare you.
This is not what i remember of being eleven ._. Prolly cuz im Finnish and the year of being eleven and in le fifth grade happened already and after summer le sixth grade is ahead -,_-,
they be like "LES GIVE EM PRIVACY SHALL WE *wink wink* *nudge nudge*"