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- noun

1. a position of dominance or controlling influence: possession of power, superiority, or preeminence: With his rivals in the ascendant, he soon lost his position.
2. an ancestor; forebear.

3. Astrology. the point of the ecliptic or the sign and degree of the zodiac rising above the eastern horizon at the time of a birth or event: the cusp of the first house.

- adjective

1. ascending; rising.
2. superior; predominant.
3. Botany. directed or curved upward.


Your past shapes you, your past makes and breaks you.

This is the story about Damien Morse, an uptight man with an extreme who to match his wealth. He meets a woman at a bar that may change his life forever.

Vanessa Young, the loose untamed girl with nothing to lose. She meets Damien in the worst of meetings and continues to be tortured by his presence. But behind their feud is a passion unlike any other.

This is their story.


If you are younger than the age of 16 this may be a little too much for you. So don't read it! If you are not mature enough to handle some of the content in it than please just don't read. I will not be mentioning on which chapter is the dirty chapter. So read with caution!

Later loves!

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