SupernaturalxReader {REQUESTS CLOSED}

SupernaturalxReader {REQUESTS CLOSED}

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sηδωγ [ ακα ηγια ] By winters_ghost Updated Jun 07

Just what the title says :) Imagines, songfics, and requests for the best show in the world, SPN, are published here! My only two rules are it cannot be smutty, and you have to submit the request/imagine to me via PM on this website (I won't respond to requests in the comments, sorry). Otherwise, request away! 

I can do pretty much any character, but if it's a pretty minor, or relatively unknown, character, please specify what season they showed up in (if you can. It's fine if you can't remember) so that I can brush up on them to make my writing more accurate and on-point :)

Also, if you have a created character you want me to specifically write for, I can do that, but please warn me. Otherwise, the default will be Y/N and female.

Anyway. Can't wait to hear from ya! :D

GingeraleX GingeraleX Sep 03
That song in poison to Wincest..... And that's why I love it! : D
You should continue this where she brings them to see her original family and have cas like recognize Dean from raising him from perdition and just berate him for being a dick to his sister I think that would be cool
*in the bushes*
                              "Come on-"
                              "We can't just go in there-"
                              "Why can't we just get him when-"
                              "We have to wait till he messes up-"
                              "HE WAS BORN WASN'T HE?!?!"
Sam is a cutie. He is adorable. I love him. And I love this. You're really good at these haha! ❤️
This was awesome! I actually felt like crying at some point cause I could see all this happening. Sam is a cutie. I love what you did with the angels and everything. And yes. The angels are freaking adorable, especially Cas ☺️❤️ Keep up the great work!! Xx