weakness | the force awakens

weakness | the force awakens

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kingbIake By kingbIake Updated Dec 16, 2016

"Love is not weakness, its strength."

Octavia is one of the last Jedi, hunted by Kylo Ren she conceals her identity and joins the Resistance where she meets Poe Dameron and they quickly become close allies but when Octavia defies orders to go on a secret mission in search of the missing Luke Skywalker things go wrong resulting in Poe and Octavia's capture. 

The man that haunts Octavia's past will do everything in his power to get her back and if that means destroying the universe in his way he will not hesitate to do it. 


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Hey. I'm not trying to be rude but like you said last paragraph, you won't be offended if we correct you. So sorry if this comes across as completely tactless, but you made a spelling mistake. It's prologue. Sorry again, I hope that I didn't offend you whatsoever
_WarningFangirl_ _WarningFangirl_ Oct 21, 2016
Ok one POE ♡_♡ and two no my cinnamon rolls Luke vanished whyyy
LillianEBrooks LillianEBrooks Feb 15, 2016
I love how all these comments are all about Poe, no one is worried at all that Luke has vanished.
CweepypastaDrawer CweepypastaDrawer Jan 07, 2016
Umm its SOOOO hard to choose between the light side and the dark side!!!!! This is why I hate choosing! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SIDE I SHOULD BE ON
ayebuckybarnes ayebuckybarnes Dec 28, 2015
Oh my gosh I was waiting for a Force Awakens fan fiction!!! This one's going to be good, I know it. I did notice a couple of spelling errors, but other than that, oh my gosh... It's totally perfect!! I can't wait to read more!!! :D
-arcadia -arcadia Dec 23, 2015
Humorous... lol the way you spelled it was like the bone! Which did make it kind of humorous...