The Omega Prince {Boyxboy}

The Omega Prince {Boyxboy}

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** story is triggering**

His pleads for help were desperate as he watched his mates eyes flutter close and her chest stop rising. Her grip on his hand loosening as a long sigh left her lips.

The king cried out as he felt the awful feeling of his heart being ripped from his chest. In the distance you could hear howls of victory as the king cried for his mate and his queen. He cried for the loss of his son. The prince.
Nineteen years after the kidnapping the prince suffers at the hands of his kidnappers. 

What happens with a troop from the kingdom finds the prince suffering from horrific injury's? Will they return back to the kingdom where the prince can take his place at the throne,or will they leave him for dead and tell the king there was no sign of him?

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BookQueen6 BookQueen6 Jun 10
Peace... more like pain... agony is a bettr choice of word...
😶......If you don't pick his ass up and take him to the palace
Couldn't at least take some cloth or something to close the injuries and at least stop the bleeding, like they're really useless
It's easy really. Fücking bring him back to the king. It's not so hard to do.
I just attempted to see if I could hold both of my wrists in one of my hands.... I'm not the brightest
awsomeness_reader awsomeness_reader Jul 14, 2016
So y'all ain't got no medicine or nothin to keep him alive?!