[HIATUS] Sapphire Turned Crimson - A SebaCiel Fanfic

[HIATUS] Sapphire Turned Crimson - A SebaCiel Fanfic

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Neko-Ereri By Neko-Ereri Updated Jun 10

Little brothers, parents, plants, people... everyone is out to put an end to Ciel's happiness, it seems.
What if, Ciel couldn't have an end? 

Warning: There is yaoi (boyxboy) and mpreg in this story, as well as MAJOR OOCness. Don't like, don't read. Those who do like, please carry many tissues, as I quite enjoy writing smut. So it happens a lot. (More smut than plot tbh) 

This fic not only has SebaCiel. There are other relationships in here as well. BardxFinny is also here. Other ships will be listed as they come in.

Kuroshitsuji belongs to Yana Toboso, I own nothing but the plot and my own OCs.

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Also, practically sweating? So he actually wasn't? *cough cough* turn off *cough cough*
fnhwpacc fnhwpacc Mar 11
For some reason I thought of bard poking his head in and going 
                              "'AVIN A GOOD WANK IN 'ERE ARE WE?!"
fnhwpacc fnhwpacc Mar 11
I nearly peed myself laughing too hard oh my god. I can just imagine Ciel being so confused by a penis
Why tf would you call Sebastian when u were just masturbating because of him?! Wait until the morning or something idk
I thought of Sebastian walking in saying, "what the hell are you doing?"
My best friend is sleeping over and I'm trying not to wake her up with my laughter!!!!! HALPH!!!!!