Cage of Bones

Cage of Bones

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Misty By waterwitch222 Updated Jan 31

Ever since the barrier was broken and monsters rose to the surface once more, Frisk and the others couldn't help but notice something different...specifically...SANS was different. The usual laid-back, wise-cracking skeleton was acting...strange. His smile was forced, he didn't tell jokes, he's deprived of sleep, and he loses temper easily and apologizes profusely for it each time it causes him to lash out. It was no secret anymore. Something was wrong...VERY wrong...but what?

Cover art by- @CarrieTheEnder

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sans: ffs kid! would ya just make like a tree and leaf me alone plz? k thx.
                              Frisk: -_-
Is it me or am I the only one that I think its Sans shouting that and not thinking other stuffs...?
AwkwardDreamer31st AwkwardDreamer31st Oct 15, 2017
                              (I had to)
Nosiepops Nosiepops Dec 12, 2017
d r o p  t h e  b e a t 
                              t h e n  p i c k  i t  u p  l i k e  m r  b u c k e t
utxsf2017 utxsf2017 Feb 10
If I was Frisk and sans yelled at me, I'd yell at him back and start an entire argument .-.
What_Is_Ma_Life What_Is_Ma_Life Nov 14, 2017