My Teen Resurrection {5}

My Teen Resurrection {5}

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h i a t u s By coyxtedesires Completed

Book Five. 

"She may have been resurrected, but she's not alive, Scott."


She's not here anymore. 

She's gone...

And she took something with her. 


Season 5b

Disclaimer: I do not own the t.v series, "Teen Wolf", nor do I take part creating the episodes. 
I only own my own characters.


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The trailer isn't showing up and I can't find your YouTube Channel what is the name of the trailer so I can look it up on YouTube
- - Jan 29, 2016
I have honestly read your other four books in the past two days and am obsessed! Love this so much xx
oohpkjmn oohpkjmn Feb 05, 2016
The end of the trailer gave me the chills, I can't wait for you to start uploading. Please do so soon ♡♡
lovelatenights lovelatenights Jan 30, 2016
Trailer was omg I'm literally tearing right now OMFG IM DONE
Tmelon31 Tmelon31 Mar 28, 2016
Oh God I loved the trailer it's just when people such as yourself make trailers and add their own thing in it makes me want to cry tears of joy while wallowing in pain because of what's coming later
LiterallyJustDestiel LiterallyJustDestiel Feb 27, 2016
I expected there to be like a fnaf jump scare at the end of the trailer