The Heart Of Everything (GirlxGirl)

The Heart Of Everything (GirlxGirl)

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Dreamondreamer96 By Dreamondreamer96 Completed

Sam and Kim have know each other for fifteen years, but not in a good way.
They mock, tease and fight every day, since they were two-years old.
But what happens when Sam panics in the middle of a big fight and kiss Kim, to make her stop?

Is Sam willing to change everything just because of that kiss?

!Language and sexual content!

Kyntral Kyntral Aug 08
Haha that's my best friend for you.
                              Every time I outsmart him in an argument he starts using violence which makes my victory much sweeter  ^^
                              The sad thing is he wins the fights -_-
                              The sad thing is that he
Lauser_670 Lauser_670 Jun 06
I don't think this is what people normally do when they have feelings for eachother😂
Felicprize Felicprize Aug 19
My friend smack me on the face for no reason and I've been wondering why she did that. Lucky her i don't take it seriously.
I like sam.  If she was real we would definitly become friends
I am rereading. And do you want to know what Kim is? A TSUNDERE! :D 
                              (otakus get it better--)
Maybe your dad's name is gerard? (It's a reference but you won't get it if you're not a killjoy/in the Mcrmy)