The Heart Of Everything (GirlxGirl)

The Heart Of Everything (GirlxGirl)

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Dreamondreamer96 By Dreamondreamer96 Completed

Sam and Kim have know each other for fifteen years, but not in a good way.
They mock, tease and fight every day, since they were two-years old.
But what happens when Sam panics in the middle of a big fight and kiss Kim, to make her stop?

Is Sam willing to change everything just because of that kiss?

!Language and sexual content!

gayyes gayyes Apr 18
I crush on tall girls, hard, but then I look at my 5'3 self and accept I'll die alone because no one can see me
Huft. She's like a fool. Is she that desperate for attention?
faletua faletua Sep 05
You deserve it. Just leave her be with your bipolar feelings.
A moment like that I would have said "it's almost as short as you" I have short friends so
Saudibaby Saudibaby Apr 25
WTF!? I cant with this book! Too much nonsensical violence and inappropriate reactions!!
Kim: Wake the eff up!! Don't you see that I have an effin' crush on you since middle school!!