The 7th Player (kuroko no basket fanfic : maleOC)

The 7th Player (kuroko no basket fanfic : maleOC)

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prettysecret8 By prettysecret8 Updated Aug 27, 2016

Red, light blue, dark blue, purple, green, yellow. Those are the colors that many of you have know. Yet, what about black? 

Yukino Tenchi is the mysterious 7th player of the GOM. Treated badly for his skills in the second year of middle school by the GOM (except Kuroko), Yukino left Japan to get stronger. After two years he's back from Australia, with a new team and new strength that deserve the name The Zeus of Basketball. What would happen when the GOM meet their Divine player and his team of Gods? Will they regret ever mistreating him? Will Yukino take revenge? Hell yes and with style too ;)

I don't own any of the images. I also DO NOT own any of the Kuroko no basket characters, only my OC's. I would like to apologize for all the grammar errors in the future and those of now, I'm still learning. Plus this is my first wattpad story, so please take care of me :)

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Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Jun 07
You know, I heard a rumour, that when an otaku dies,  they begin a new life in anime #100% #GotNoFriends #IfOnly
why so many tall people I'm only 5'4 like come on, a guy in my class is like 6'4 or 5 I don't know exactly and when we stand next to each other I feel like I am breaking my neck from looking up at that angle
MsMozart626 MsMozart626 Oct 25
Usually, I don't go with feet *looks at feet* BUTT I go with cm... how much cm does 6ft have again? come again?
5"8 I'd have to look slightly up, scratch that I'd probably have to crane my neck quite a bit:p
R0yalRav3nFr0st R0yalRav3nFr0st Dec 04, 2016
H-hot I wish this eye color was real and I the gold part and the white rim came out at will or when I'm pissed