The Broken Girl [Completed]

The Broken Girl [Completed]

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katrina elise By katrinaXelise Updated Feb 23, 2016

I knew that I was just using Mystery Boy as a distraction from my boring life. But for once, it actually felt good to have a goal and a cause. My eyes teared up when I thought about what he saw when he looked at me. Plain? Fragile? Pale? Ugly? Once I venture into that zone, I knew that there was no going back.

I mean, I haven't ever had a real boyfriend. There wasn't a line down the block of suitors for me. There wasn't even one. I knew what they thought when they saw the small, nerdy, girl with big glasses. They felt pity. But that's not what I wanted, I didn't want their pity. I wanted their love. 

I just wanted to be loved ❥

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