The black dragon under the Moonlight

The black dragon under the Moonlight

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gold_stardust_19 By gold_stardust_19 Updated Sep 09, 2018

Everyone in the Kouka kingdom knows the story of how the five clans are founded by the Red Dragon Hiriyuu, with the help of the four dragon warriors.  Years later the reincarnation of Lord Hiriyuu is now the princess of the Kouka kingdom. Princess Yona and Hak fled the kingdom, the night on her 16th birthday, the night her and Hak will avenge King Il's murder by their childhood friend Soowon.

As the princess search for the four dragons, another dragon that is forgotten in the prophecy who lives in the outskirts of the Sky Clan's territory waiting for the day for when her master will come and be free from her dark, hateful village.

[ OC x ShinAh ]

Credits to otakuforevz for the cover~ Thank you ^^

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