Chase Me Alpha #Wattys2016[To Be Published]

Chase Me Alpha #Wattys2016[To Be Published]

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Farrah Gold By glitter_xox Completed

Book one of the Alpha Series!

Skylar Chance. She's 19 and lives in Crystal pack. It sounds like a really lovely pack right? Wrong. They abuse Skylar because she is an omega and can't shift.
But they don't know her secrets. No one does.

Alpha Damien. He is 22 years old. He is the strongest alpha in the world and is dangerous and took over at a very young age.
He is mean and the Alpha of the blood moon pack. Scary name right.

Find out how they meet and will Alpha Damien accept skylar and  get to know her secret or will he reject her for being an omega

Hey guys hope you like this story 
Highest rank in werewolf: #10

Amazing cover by- @mazy123

No offense, but there are SO MANY werewolf books with an alpha named Damien and an pack called Blood Moon pack. Jeez people!
AriesDeLaCruz AriesDeLaCruz a day ago
It's the first chapter and I'm already disappointed in the lack of detail and organization. Yet this book is popular so I have to try to see why...
No I'm just pulling your leg!! I'm just going to leave the pack for a little while .... You all enjoy your breakfast . *mumbles under breathe* I hope all you hoes die and go to hell
AriesDeLaCruz AriesDeLaCruz a day ago
Now its turning into a cliche werewolf book...Nice try love you probably worked hard. I'm just...not interested..
I was freaking writing a book and I picked blood moon pack then at practice I thought to read the first book whichbi had to find and then I read it and now I have to change the freaking pack name
daaprincess daaprincess Sep 28
Boiii. You can catchy these hands. Thinking you can do that. You thoughhh