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My Memories Are With You [AN EXO FANFIC]

My Memories Are With You [AN EXO FANFIC]

135K Reads 3.3K Votes 11 Part Story
Rane By taohuneytea Completed

When you were a five-year-old girl, you confessed to a beautiful boy named Lu Han, a talented child four years older than you. Years pass, and Lu Han has long moved away to who-knows-where. You long to see him again. One day, you get a mysterious call that changes everything. Could this be it? The thing you've been waiting for, for 12 years?

Cover: creds to

Note: this FF isn't meant to be long, and it's a slow-updating fanfic. If my updating becomes TOO slow for you, don't be afraid to ask for an update :P then i'll just hurry up my writing

baekpuppy_chanyoda baekpuppy_chanyoda Mar 06, 2016
I like the way you descride the plot/setting. It looks professional
trustfundkid trustfundkid Dec 09, 2016
omg i remembered mingyu's nickname from one fine day  xD
                              "Ming housewife"
This description is like me except I have straight black hair that cooperate really well. And I have very small lips
baekpuppy_chanyoda baekpuppy_chanyoda Mar 06, 2016
Oh it's the dancing machine, I thought it was the 'manly' deer
KimAeRin_ KimAeRin_ Jan 13
I 'dated' a guy when I was 7.😏But probably just 1 month or so.
justafangirlof12 justafangirlof12 Sep 03, 2016
Little me is really good! But... the saddest reality.... 
                              Luhan and I never met...