Learning To Love  ll Love Series #2 ll

Learning To Love ll Love Series #2 ll

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Imp: Previously known as A Gift (Version 2)

She stood there without uttering anything and her free hand fisted as the sweat began to increase in her hands. He quickly strided towards such that pinning her back to the glass wall. Before she could say or process anything his lips were in her. The files in her other hand were now in ground while he pulled her by the waist closer to him. She did not know what was going on but the feel if his lips on her was so good that she looped her arms around his neck and pulled him more closer towards her. They both moaned kissing each other after so long time. Randhir bit her bottom lip tugging it so she could open her mouth to which she gladly agreed. He groaned as he dived his tongue in her mouth and tasting her sweetness after long wait of five years.

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1 more thing new cover photo is amazing...absolutely perfect
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wow sounds intrstng 
                              bt I wonder this will be a continuation of season first 
                              r season first will have different ending 
                              and this is with different