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Sam and Elena ran as fast as they could. They both hoped they made it in time. She turned a corner and heard grunts, and began frantically running. When she made it, she saw him.

Dean was on the ground, leaning against a wall. Metatron leaned over him with an Angel blade. 

"No!" Elena yells.

But it was too late.

Metatron grinned at her as he thrusted the blade into Dean's chest. An exasperated breath left Dean's lips. 

He turned to look at Elena, his face covered in blood. She ran to his side just as Metatron left. She held his head in her hands. 

"No." She says. 

Dean continued to stare. Elena knew what this meant. He was going to die. He tried to say something, but it wouldn't come out. 

"I love you." She tells him. Sam just watches the moment unfold. 

He smirks a little. "I-I..." He starts but Elena shushes him.

"I know." She says. 

His eyes began to close and she felt tears streaming down her face. Sam, frozen, finally made his way to them. He pushes Elena away, for her own protection. 

Elena backs away against a wall as Sam placed a cloth over Dean's chest. After that, she couldn't hear anymore. She couldn't see anymore.

"Please don't leave me." Elena manages to say, tears overwhelming her now. Dean looks over at her again. 

She couldn't live without him.


It's been days since the Trials and it has put Sam in the hospital. Dean has no idea what he's going to do, so he enlists the help of an angel Ezekiel. 

To make matters worse, Elena and her boyfriend are intruding on Dean's life. And he doesn't like it.

Now that Abbadon is free, the only way to kill her is with the First Blade. To find it, Sam, Dean & Elena rely on the one person they loathe. Crowley. But as always, everything comes with a price.  

[Supernatural Season 9]

all rights go to Eric Kripke & Robert Singer; I do not own Elena or any other Vampire Diaries characters, just the storylines

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