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(Amedot AU) How to Fit Your Heart in a Petri Dish

(Amedot AU) How to Fit Your Heart in a Petri Dish

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sky By argenticNocturne Updated Feb 16

Peridot Chen Sun, a nerdy foster kid, is fine with her new school until she meets her year-long lab partner - Amethyst Espina, truant, wrestler, bad girl extraordinaire. When a tyrant teacher puts Peridot's grade on the line because of Amethyst's misconduct, the girls must learn to work together to make it through the year alive. And who knows? Maybe they'll learn some lessons outside of basic biology, and more about what it means to live.

Human AU of Steven Universe, but can also be read separate. Updates on scheduled Fridays; cover drawn by me.

Yas Marina and the Diamonds
                              When I read the title I immediately thought of in Numb:One track mind like go go fish,stuck inside my petri dish
The only one I listened to are Youth and Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
CPSliceOfLife CPSliceOfLife Nov 11, 2016
This is one of the best stories I have ever seen on this site. This is wonderful. *much applause*