BTS x Reader 2 | ❃

BTS x Reader 2 | ❃

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love yourself 💕︎ bts By airycakepop Completed

It's a sequel!! You are now apart of BigHit Entertainment and it's really hectic. With writing songs and being the lead singer, it's hard to keep up. When you meet your roommate, everything changes. When BTS will be your choreographer for five months, everything changes MORE!! What will happen next?!


Started: 12/18/15
Ended: 1/21/16

I'd probably dye my hair navy or dark purple if I was very daring
I would gladly die my hair....
                              ANY COLOR BUT PINK!!!!
My surname is Kim, is she Korean? If is, then that means she's half Korean because Kim is an English name and Kim is a Korean surname.
Sai4293 Sai4293 Jun 17
I only know Japanese.....Watashi wa nihongo ga shikoshi shika hanasemasen.
- - Mar 12
WHY PINK?? Oh but cotton candy pink would look fine bu sTILL NO.
chuvelvet chuvelvet Mar 02
Can i just dye my hair brown i have black hair but please? No pink