(LadyNoir) The Key Chain

(LadyNoir) The Key Chain

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~Welcome All~ By Kat_478 Completed

It has been a year since Ladybug and Chat Noir had become a crime fighting Duo, however will one harmless gift lead to them discovering their true identities? And what will become of them if that were to happen? 

Idea inspired by PleaseIgnoreMe101 
I do not own the characters or the Tv show 
Feel free to use the basic plot but please do not copy the story I have written 
If you want to post this anywhere please ask me first

Also this was written in the middle of the first season so some areas which I originally had to guess may have been addressed in the show. So basically if you're thinking wait I thought they said this in the show it's because I wrote it before the episode ^_^

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AthenaOwl_10 AthenaOwl_10 Aug 04, 2017
Okay, here are some hints. I'll be putting the first letter of her name and last name
                              Now, what does that stand for? MARINETTE DUPAIN-CHENG!!!
Why they so dense I mean even a blind man would know who they are
MisterKrabz MisterKrabz Oct 16, 2017
How do you not notice the same exact haircut and voice and mouth and eyes and body
GoodVSEvilAngel GoodVSEvilAngel Dec 06, 2017
Okay then AdRiEN AgRIEsT if that’s even tryout REAL NAME! If you have the so called emotion LOVE for her why don’t you recognize that she sits RIGHT BEHIND YOU! You dense son of a Tom cat 🐈
Puppylover52804 Puppylover52804 Dec 09, 2017
Not about ur book but I don't get y Adrien wouldn't know ladybug 🐞 isn't Marinette, Marinnette is the one of the only people who has blue hair
heyimbeelover1234 heyimbeelover1234 Feb 19, 2017
In that GIF I literally just noticed she has a Cookie Cat clock on her desk XD