L O V E (Cobra X Reader)

L O V E (Cobra X Reader)

17.2K Reads 631 Votes 11 Part Story
Aka-chan By TheColdFire13 Completed


This book is going to contain 10 one shots about how you met him to your future with him.

This idea belongs to @AbbieVanityCakes

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StaleCheesecake StaleCheesecake Oct 14, 2017
I'm just gonna kinda go now.... *digs hole and jumps in, burying self in process*
280349az 280349az Jan 13, 2017
NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!*goes into emo corner to CRT😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭*
CrystalKay_88 CrystalKay_88 Jun 05, 2016
Well aren't you late! That should have been the first thing U tell peeps so they don't fûck up!
2MuMuMin2 2MuMuMin2 Oct 23, 2016
Oh nooooo that's why you shouldn't make eye contract with those burning boys cause their hot and they know you like what you see
fandomlyeverywhere fandomlyeverywhere Apr 19, 2016
I'm sorry who is MacBeth and Sawyer?I'm not that caught up in ft yet sorry
vynnvx vynnvx Dec 30, 2015
Heheheheheh....*grabs gun* 
                              HAHAHAHAHAHAH....*starts shooting everywhere*