Owari no seraph facts

Owari no seraph facts

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I post owari no seraph facts in here .Enjoy!


Spoilers here , spoilers there , spoilers EVERYWHERE

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CMCangel986 CMCangel986 Oct 10
Yuu's birthday is in 6 days !!
                              *runs out of house at 11 at night and goes to get party supplies*
AYYY I'M THE SAME AGE!! But mika is older than me by a few months and Yu is younger than me by a few months
I have their same chinese zodiac sign and Im so proud😂 I'm also a 2004 child
XShizen_no_kodomoX XShizen_no_kodomoX Nov 09, 2016
My sister is born October 16th. Mitsuba is born 7.7.2004. I'm born the exact save day.
nyhlakitty21 nyhlakitty21 Sep 28, 2016
DAMN IT!! I'M STILL YOUNGER FOR TWO YEARS! I was actually born in 2003. But that would make them 12..... SO I'M OLDER THAN THEM!
Icecoolgeehihihi Icecoolgeehihihi Dec 25, 2016
I originally thought I was younger than them, turns outs out it's the other way round... I guess...