Get Your Wand, Potter    (Drarry Fanfiction)

Get Your Wand, Potter (Drarry Fanfiction)

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Harry Potter Fanfiction! By love_love_me_do Updated Jan 07

Draco Malfoy. Pure Blood Jerk right? Couldn't be more wrong. Draco Malfoy had his whole life planned for him before he was even conceived, he's had these invisible ties holding him on track. But when Voldemort is asking for him by name suddenly these ties tighten and Draco begins to really need help, to talk to someone, to not be a Malfoy for a little while. When his enemy, Harry Potter, stumbles on him in a venerable state what does Harry do with the distraught blonde boy falling apart in front of him? Can this new relationship with the enemy help give Draco the push he needs to break the ropes or will it make Draco willingly travel the path that's been laid before him?
  This is a story of romance, struggle, friendship, betrayal and love.
  DISCLAIMER: Yes I know you read these everywhere on Fanfiction but sadly I do NOT own any of the characters involved in this story nor do I own some parts of the storyline. Those belong to the amazing JK Rowling.

AngelMeow8 AngelMeow8 Jun 28
Well i hope i am not the only one who thinks that the titel is very sexualized
This has nothing to do with the book but Im watching h.p chamber of secrets and when harry is going up to see dumbledor mcgonagle says sherbert lemon. Like lol
Gamergirl374 Gamergirl374 Aug 08, 2016
Dang. This author doesn't play around when it comes to details. The details in this story are so good.
Whisks-are-satan Whisks-are-satan Nov 09, 2016
ah at first I thought he was crying on harrys shoulder. I SHOULDNT HAVE REREAD
ellienerd14 ellienerd14 Apr 25, 2016
Also clearly going to be awesome because hello look at the author
Kei-chan22 Kei-chan22 Feb 12
Reason why Draco is my fav character because I know how it feels to be something your expected to be and that your life is set in stone and that you can't be anything or anyone else.