Guarded Flame

Guarded Flame

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Book #2 of the Varulv Tales. 

In a community that values women as mothers and housewives, Norine Harpe is an anomaly. The fiery warrior's biggest dream is training up and joining the Alpha Queen's elite soldiers, the Royal Guard. On her path, she has become skilled in the ways of rejecting men. Until Walther. 

He didn't know fire until he stood in her presence and now he'll do anything make himself a permanent part of her life. Even if that means exposing her to another layer of their world. One with awe-inspiring wonder and the threat of losing your soul.  

Amongst the backdrop of their building relationship, war is on the rise and death has begun to claim it's first victims. Can love win out? Where do you go when your not even safe in your dreams?

Started Dec 23 2015
Ended Aug 24 2016

Highest Rank in Werewolf #169

*** The Varulv Tales are in chronological order but can be read as stand alones. They feature some of the same cast of characters but not the same main point of view. This is not a sequel to Who She Thought She Was. ***

  • dreams
  • dreamwalking
  • feminism
  • friendship
  • girlpower
  • letters
  • longdistance
  • love
  • magic
  • mate
  • newadult
  • pack
  • redhead
  • romance
  • royal
  • separation
  • souleaters
  • thevarulvtales
Yesss Norine! So refreshing to read a werewolf book where they take their feelings into consideration and don't drop everything at the sign of a mate
WhiteFangM WhiteFangM Apr 20, 2016
Hey um I must be confused who did Addie fall in love with I said. Norien but she is a girl I'm so confused?🤔
AngelDArcherCryBaby AngelDArcherCryBaby Mar 25, 2016
Go Norine!! #Norine GirlPower Guide 101
                                 •Do not set aside your dreams
                                 •No one could stand in your way.
wiselight wiselight May 12, 2016
Nuts to that noise. OK where do you live? I have no idea where you come up with some of your expressions. And i like to think that i read a lot.
andimakawaiipotato andimakawaiipotato Jul 11, 2016
Loving Norine right now. I think she night be my new role model.
AngelDArcherCryBaby AngelDArcherCryBaby Mar 25, 2016
                              I'm proud of her..
                              She follows her dream.
                              Norine has a warrior in her 👍