Monopolize Me

Monopolize Me

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Dannie Ybarra By LemonSuccubus Updated 7 days ago

Explicit material intended for mature audiences only.  Read at your own risk.

Harry thought he could spend his simple life as a cow farmer, but Desmond had other plans.  When Desmond uses blackmail, for reasons unbeknownst to Harry, he finds himself lost in the giant city of New York as next in line to run his father's company... At least until he meets Louis.

Louis' sole purpose in life has been to make his business succeed.  Harry doesn't think that's an issue until he finds out Louis is CEO of a company much larger than Harry could ever imagine.

Louis struggles to balance his filthy business ways with an honest relationship with Harry while pushing his company to be the global leader. Between publicly humiliating Harry as his competitor during the day and dominating Harry as his lover behind closed doors; he might just monopolize Harry in the process.

Harry has to leave more than just past behind if he ever hopes to please both his father and Louis.  Finding himself in a forbidden love with extreme tastes pays out better than staying lost in New York.

BDSM: Bondage/Discipline * Dominance/Submission * Sadism/Masochism

AU blend where stockbrokers on Wall Street and CEO's in the tech industry are basically the same thing.

Explicit material intended for mature audiences only.  Read at your own risk.  Warnings will not be posted.

Some chapters will definitely end up on 'private', so make sure you're following me for the full/complete reading experience.  I DO NOT use Wattpad as my social media nor as a daily journal, so fear not the few and far between notifications that are sent out by me.

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Fondtarzandude Fondtarzandude Aug 25, 2017
well he should've done his job. I'm not feeling sorry for him.
JuliamStyles2014 JuliamStyles2014 Jul 21, 2017
I wonder how Harry will manage the company... Isn't it a bit risky to let a farmer run a company?
Ginger_Snap94 Ginger_Snap94 Jun 14, 2017
He must be have said riddle me this bc we all know Liam is batman 😉
Arirojass Arirojass Nov 13, 2017
                              an idiot sandwich 
                              WHY DID THIS REMIND ME OF THAT SKSKSJ
We_genuinely_think We_genuinely_think Jul 20, 2017
If I had him as my boss I would turn in a resignation letter voluntary
pattycake18 pattycake18 Feb 07, 2016
I will be sure to message you when I'm concerned about my mental state after I've laid five hours on my bedroom floor sobbing because I'm so freaking wrecked blissfully destroyed from reading the smut in the fic.