Human Pokemon Boyfriend/Husband Scenarios

Human Pokemon Boyfriend/Husband Scenarios

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bbub14 By bbub14 Updated May 29, 2017

Pokemon are turning into humans?! There also wanting to be your boyfriend and confess their love for you... WAIT WHAT?! 

Pictures and pokemon do not belong to me they belong to their rightful owner

Contains Pokemon: Darkrai, Diagla, Victini, Latios, Lucario, Yvelta, Xerneas, and Palkia, (Added pokemon Hoopa, Arceus, Giratina  Umbreon, Zekrom, and Deoxys)

Cover made by Cloudinskies

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UTsilver UTsilver Mar 14
if you have a pokemon like zekrom why not add its opposite???? just a question
MIMI1235567 MIMI1235567 Dec 25, 2017
Plz do Abols he is my fav Pokemon I would too see I chapter about him plz (if you want of course!)
PieceOfTrashXD PieceOfTrashXD Dec 06, 2017
Yes, Umbreon is my most favorite pokèmon, I'm so happy he's in this!
NaomiOrKiko NaomiOrKiko May 02
Limes are lemons, just without the make entering the female. In the  rose hole. The other two are for lime >_>
SeaAnne18 SeaAnne18 Jan 24
why would you write about limes or lemons...they taste horrible
Forever_Midnight17 Forever_Midnight17 Dec 04, 2016
That moment when you only have a DS Lite and only know like 4 of those Pokémon T-T