Normal is Boring {Jeremike}

Normal is Boring {Jeremike}

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Sequel to: "Really and Truly, Forever and Always~" 

Mike just proposed to Jeremy, but what did Jeremy say...?

Is he ready for marriage?

Or, should he just wait longer and have the guilt crush him slowly...?


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Jeremy_Weeaboo Jeremy_Weeaboo Apr 05, 2016
I just realized the photo is haru and mokoto 
                              ❤️❤️author-chan is amazing
Momzzarella Momzzarella Aug 20, 2016
Who doesn't love squish?? It's a pillow. And it's more to love
KatTheCat123 KatTheCat123 Dec 17, 2016
Squeeeee now u made me want a chubby Jeremy plushie to cuddle >~<
sweetiepeaches sweetiepeaches Nov 21, 2016
@Jetwilight Well, I really liked that picture that you made, bby girl❤️
PolterGhost PolterGhost Jan 23, 2017
I wanted to vote this whole story but apparently I've "Voted too much"
FNAF_Fantasy FNAF_Fantasy Dec 29, 2015
Me:  -Starts Fangirling-
                              Parents: What are you spazzing out about?
                              Me: UH NOTHING! (Everything)