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The Academy of Submission (BDSM)

The Academy of Submission (BDSM)

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TheGraveyardChild By TheGraveyardChild Updated Dec 14, 2016

Amelia stood nude in front of a crowd of dominants. She stood four feet and nine inches tall. She was petite in all aspects but her breasts which could easily topple out of the top of a C cup bra. Her Pewter colored hair tumbled down her back in wavy locks and over her breasts. It was the only sort of cover that she had against the people that stared at her. Her arms hung useless at her sides. Her skin was flushed a pink from embarrassment. She didn't want to stand in front of them any longer, but she had to wait until someone made the choice to take her. It seemed to take years for anyone to say anything about her. She heard their murmurings after a moment, but nothing to tell her that she could stop facing such a humiliation.
	And then he spoke.
	A towering, blonde male stepped from the crowd. The others seemed to look upon him with awe and respect. He held some sort of status. When he spoke, his voice was like honey laced with venom. "She is mine."

- - Jun 16, 2016
I am very intrigued and think you have a very pleasing writing style.
Phoenixrainez Phoenixrainez Nov 06, 2016
Glad to read you have taken your BDSM story to a while new level. Looking forward to reading more.