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The Third Stackhouse (True Blood/Vampire Diaries Crossover)

The Third Stackhouse (True Blood/Vampire Diaries Crossover)

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alpha_hybrid By alpha_hybrid Updated Apr 05

The name is Olivia Stackhouse. I am twenty-four years old, living with my grandmother, and stuck like this. 
Let me explain further. Vampires came out of the coffin, as they say, two years ago. I was then finally able to tell my family what I was and they accepted it for the most part. Jason tries to ignore me, while Sookie hopes I can get through it. The only thing I actually enjoy about being a vampire of my species is that we function like humans, mostly. Sun still hurts us but we have jewelry blessed by witches. Yes, the exist too. 
Anyway, wooden stakes kill us, and silver doesn't bother us like the other vampires. We have only been around for 1000 years unlike the other vampires. The witches created us because the first vampires needed protectors during the day and humans were insufficient. 
I don't need to live on TruBlood because we can function like normal humans. As long as we have an ample supply of blood in our systems, we can be as human as possible, hence why the other vampires wanted us as guardians for them. 
Well this is my story on how I fell in love, got heart broken, and then fell back in love.

werewolvesden werewolvesden Oct 19, 2016
You know how they go into a lust phase after they eat, I would of used that time to jump Eric's bones😆😍😜