Maid-Chan (Mikayuu )

Maid-Chan (Mikayuu )

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Hello from the other side By colorxinxyourxeyes Updated 7 days ago

"Oh My fucking god" the Raven whin as he cleaning the shiny table "I have been cleaning this table for an hour now?" the Raven complain "Just keep cleaning, Yuu-chan" the blond slap the Raven ass.

Mika is an STALKER because he WORRIED and LOVE YUU

If I didn't update, that mean I'm busy (please don't be mad at me 😣)

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ZoeThorn086 ZoeThorn086 Jun 10, 2017
Not being rude, but this is really hard to read because of the grammar
Asexual_Is_Shook Asexual_Is_Shook Jul 31, 2017
GURL he obviously doesn't like you. Just leave and do is all a favor! 🙄 🙄 🙄 
                              -face palm-
aloisbutterfly aloisbutterfly Apr 24, 2017
How can people even read this while it has so many errors?like doesn't it bother anyone?
crayzy_otaku_person crayzy_otaku_person Jul 15, 2017
I don't see a problem but the again I'm just passing all my grades
lararoxanna62 lararoxanna62 Mar 01, 2016
Yess this is perfect👌💯 please update soon i want more😍💖💖💖💖
Aaronsell Aaronsell Sep 14, 2016
in like every mikaxyuu mika is always the crazy one. why is that?