Her cruel mate (Jelsa)

Her cruel mate (Jelsa)

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jelsaforever0479 By jelsaforever0479 Updated Jun 01, 2017

"I Elsa Arendelle rejected you alph-" before I could finish he pushed me against the wall.

"Never!" He said angrily leaning in where my neck and shoulder meet I stared shivering with fear when his canines grew out and then sunk into my skin marking me, his.

I screamed in agony, then everything went blurry... And I blacked out.


He's cruel, cold hearted, and arrogant, he torches rogues when they step into his land. Everyone fears him.... except for the packs sluts of course he's one of the strongest alpha's with a lot of power he's from the 'snow pack' he's never been interested in finding his mate but when he does he'll only keep her so his wolf won't suffer and annoy him. 

His name is Alpha Jackson overland frost or for short Jack.

What will happen?

Will he grow feelings or not for his mate?

And what will she do?

*disclaimer I do not own any of the characters only some that I make up!*

^*^cover by -voidnoodle^*^

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Baddie05xx Baddie05xx Oct 09, 2017
maybe i shouldn't of watched teen wolf before reading this oh well
alejandracruz619 alejandracruz619 Jun 13, 2016
wait at the beginning I did not get it 
                              were they marrying or something?
                              Or was she just talking?
                              But anyways LOVE this story
Spyro1215 Spyro1215 Mar 31, 2016
_codufale _codufale Jan 17, 2017
This sounds like a child's story book but I will still continue
3amhotcoffee 3amhotcoffee May 14, 2016
Well...  *shoots the gun to her brain* Elsa...  seriously yo!  *dies of laughter
Jelsashipper1202 Jelsashipper1202 Dec 18, 2015
Seems like it's going to be great! Can't wait for the first chapter!