King and queen (Kagehina) [boy x boy]

King and queen (Kagehina) [boy x boy]

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Ship: kageyama x Hinata of karasuno

 Don't mind the title..I was a little indecisive;-; I might consider changing the title soon..or not XD


Kageyama known as the king of the court in middle school attended Karasuno High after the rejection of another prominent school in the area. Because he loves And really known for Volleyball he decided that he'd join the volleyball club but then he saw Hinata Shouyo, his former opponent in the Match Last year. He was strikes by Hinata's high jump. They both have troubles getting accepted by the club president or captain Sawamura Daichi because all did they was argue and won't become allies. 

Both of them finally cooled off and made up. Surprisingly, they made a good partner! With Kageyama's accurate toss and Hinata's intense Spike they made Karasuno rises again.  But these days Kageyama felt unexpectedly bad.. His heart hurt whenever he's next to Hinata. He found himself always staring at Hinata the whole practice but he wasn't certain about his feelings and didn't know how to reassure them. After he knew from nishinoya that the feeling is called "LOVE" he was shocked and couldn't believe it. The worst thing is that he had to accept it and live with this hurt heart forever unless he stopped love Hinata. Will Kageyama able to sooth his heart? In what way?

NOTE: this story doesn't follow the original Plot of the actual anime or Manga

Update schedules: i dont have a solid date or time but it should be a few days a part only :)

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neverfadingstars neverfadingstars Jun 04, 2017
Can we all appreciate Tanaka for a second. I love him so much😂😂😂😂
neverfadingstars neverfadingstars Jun 04, 2017
Yeah on the outside. Inside he's just a soft af cinnamon roll
jefferygirl07 jefferygirl07 Feb 26, 2017
No, he will get mad. Then he will have to punish you.
                              Please help I have a problem ;-;
0_EnragedMidget_0 0_EnragedMidget_0 Feb 07, 2017
That's not the only thing he can choke on. 
                              *intense eyebrow movement*
jefferygirl07 jefferygirl07 Feb 26, 2017
Oh I thought he said all that out loud I was like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??