Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

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IonicBond1 By IonicBond1 Updated Jul 05, 2016

A Christmas present for love_love_me_do

When lupin(who didn't die) returns to teach defense against the dark arts to the 8th years a lesson on boggarts reveals some very odd things.

This is Drarry and boy×boy so if you don't like it don't read it.

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NearRiverLyf NearRiverLyf Aug 02, 2017
Ginny probably like "wtf Is happening!! I WANT MY HARRY" like the annoying bitch she is XD 😂 I'm sorry.... that was harsh lmao
PikaGaby123 PikaGaby123 Mar 29, 2017
Yes thank you boggart u are amazing. He understands now all we need to do is go into the movies or the books and pull off the drarry thing in both. 😄😄😄
nessasaurx3 nessasaurx3 Jun 23, 2017
Me when I read the first sentence: I wonder who's in the closet 😉😉
AutumnWolf20 AutumnWolf20 Jul 08, 2017
The boggart even wants the two to love each other XD So funny.
                              And cute.
Unicorns313 Unicorns313 Feb 08, 2017
Ida laigjed if it was harry stepped out looked at draco and then looked at real harry then just smirked then walked over to draco and was all lile 'REJECTED!!!' then real harry b like ' bro rejected for wut?'  And the Bogart harry b like ' i no like u. So REJECTED!!'
CeanaSteinbrecher CeanaSteinbrecher Jan 24, 2017
I was expecting another "his father steps out and starts abusing him" thing