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E.N.D: Revenge

E.N.D: Revenge

41.3K Reads 784 Votes 20 Part Story
Natsu vi Kurosaki By Natsu_vi_Kurosaki Updated 3 days ago

What would have happened if Natsu was the son of Chaos? At Tenrou Island Natsu was betrayed by most of his guildmates and left to die at the hands or claws of Acnologia. Natsu finds out about his origins, and his family. But when Natsu returns back to Earthland will he accepted those who had betrayed him or will he chose to destroy them? [Natsu x Harem]

{Planning on rewriting chapters 1-7.....which is also the Percy Jackson Arc}

(Chapter 8 beginning of the Fairy Tail Arc)

Fairy Tail and Percy Jackson crossover

Copyright Disclaimer- I do not own Fairy Tail or the Percy Jackson book series.

OgJirachi OgJirachi Jul 07
I love this because 1: You're still working on it. 2: You're like me. When you tag godlike, you mean GODLIKE ULTRA POWERFUL BAMF. 3: I just like OP characters lmao
its to mass....not many people can write a proper harem story because most if them will write a piece of garbage...but for you, you still had a long way to go so keep going
LISW34 LISW34 Jul 08
1 i love this 2 I love this 3 I Love this 4 I LOVE THIS THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS
Because we all know that Ice/Percy can't shoot a bow to save his life
Awesome author_san!!! I know it necessary for the STORY but I wish they didn't betray natsu
Did anyone else have the Illuminati confirmed song going thru their heads?
                              No. Just me. Ok