You..Love Me? (Garroth X Reader)

You..Love Me? (Garroth X Reader)

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FlameReadingDoh By FlameDoesWriting Updated Aug 20, 2016

(This is A Garroth X reader Modern Time)

Your a girl. Named (Y/N). You loved to sing and write stories. You don't like hanging out with girls that much because.. Well. They just don't suit you.

On the first day of school, you see a sandy haired boy. He looks okay in your opinion, but as soon as he sees you, he falls in love. Your beautiful (H/C) flows in the sunlight.

You and him become friends. You then start to fall for him. Little did you know you will have friends, enemies, and a few lovers!

(Everything goes to its owner. Minecraft Diaries belongs to Aphmau, and I don't own anything. ) (This is a remake to 'My Dairy' By my first account, @HaleyHartman444)

kami-boo kami-boo Dec 29, 2016
Totally me. 😂😂 It's so true, it's actually sad. I say 'boi' too much irl.
kami-boo kami-boo Dec 29, 2016
Ah. Why is she so annoying? WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY MOTHER? 😂😂
CadenzieIshLyfuux3 CadenzieIshLyfuux3 11 hours ago
                              Black and ends are blue (prof pic)
                              long and short, medium 
                              Galaxy/ Black, Purple, Blue
MiyuraYuki MiyuraYuki 5 days ago
                              A bit longer than shoulder length
                              Pastel purple
@TiaSpicerK Laurence...... I can tell your blushin cause you looked up at the sky 😏😉
Dey_001 Dey_001 Jan 06
Who uses alarm clocks, hello! We're in the twenty first century people, we replaced alarm clocks with phones XD