You..Love Me? (Garroth X Reader)

You..Love Me? (Garroth X Reader)

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(This is A Garroth X reader Modern Time)

Your a girl. Named (Y/N). You loved to sing and write stories. You don't like hanging out with girls that much because.. Well. They just don't suit you.

On the first day of school, you see a sandy haired boy. He looks okay in your opinion, but as soon as he sees you, he falls in love. Your beautiful (H/C) flows in the sunlight.

You and him become friends. You then start to fall for him. Little did you know you will have friends, enemies, and a few lovers!

(Everything goes to its owner. Minecraft Diaries belongs to Aphmau, and I don't own anything. ) (This is a remake to 'My Dairy' By my first account, @HaleyHartman444)

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He's saying how beautiful Y/N is but I'm over here like 'Garroth..... sorry to break it to ya pal but I look exactly like you.... except my eyes. We both have blonde hair but I have blue gray eyes instead of deep blue. You're basically calling yourself hot me dood'
                              I'm laughing, like, they JUST saw each other, that's all. Like, they didn't even speak to each other, and they're already falling for one another? Geez!
- - Apr 25
3 things 1) I'm a meif'wa 2) Laurance just no. 3) best story eva
"Cute" isn't a word to describe us ladies it's called fabulous!
                              Garroth:But there's just one-
                              I DONT CARE GARROTH!!
Ummm... A little far there Garroth... 
                              Garroth: BU-
                              NO BUTS GARROTH!!