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A dragon trainer who can't feel emotions, Rowan and her twin brother Izem are revered in the town of Cunya for their skill in taking care of newborn dragons. When a poison seeps into the infant dragon training center, Rowan and Izem are sent on a quest through the desert to locate a cure. A griffin controller, a berserker controller, and a dragon warrior go with them--but one of them has been sent to kill Rowan and kidnap Izem for a mage's deadly plans.

Across the sea, mages and fairies are wrapped into an alliance more deadly than any of them can predict. Balendin, nephew of the Fairy King and Queen, joins an expedition of fairies and mages on a journey to the ruins of Timbuktu to locate ancient magic. Little do he and the other fairies know, the mages never intended to let them survive and want the magic for themselves.

As Rowan dodges death's touch at every corner and discovers the truth of her origins, the goal to obtain the cure for the dragons is lost amid darker plans of the control of magic. Through all of her trials and losses, Rowan's greatest battle is yet to come: the battle to see whether she truly is what they all name her - "Heartless."

*Cover by @abyss-of-crazy
*First book in a trilogy

AstridHemmings04 AstridHemmings04 Dec 26, 2016
So is it like some zombie disease....? Just between dragons?
Heavenlyhash333 Heavenlyhash333 Oct 11, 2016
Wow, this was a super excited first chapter. I love Ro's "feelings" towards the baby dragons, and your descriptions are so vivid. Awesome!
kudikot kudikot Oct 05, 2016
Very intriguing beginning! Rowan is a great character - I already can tell I love her. And the worldbuilding is amazing too. I may not be a big fan of dragons, but I'm definitely hooked after reading this chapter :D
LaiaLK LaiaLK Oct 02, 2016
Maybe the dragon has all the emotions the MC's missing? The exact opposite? IDK.
JueTheWitch JueTheWitch Jan 03
when I first saw this book, I was like "RORAN FROM THE INHERITANCE CYCLE?" and then "oh."
JadeXenapus JadeXenapus Nov 10, 2016
To regurgitate organs implies that the mother is slowly sacrificing her body's innards to her babies. Is she going to slowly die as her children eat her insides?