fangirl; {k.taehyung}

fangirl; {k.taehyung}

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"너를 사랑했고, 지금도 사랑해. 그 무엇도 이걸 바꿀수는 없을거야."

"I loved you, and I still do. I don't think anything will change that."

From the eyes of a fangirl.




Jungkook: -----
Taehyung: Fangirl
Jimin: Hurricane
Namjoon: -----
Hoseok: Smile
Seokjin: -----

PuriEliyo PuriEliyo Nov 24, 2016
i just realized that we all seemed like obsessed stalkers in tv.... but we are tbh
PuriEliyo PuriEliyo Nov 24, 2016
fam, dem frens be tellin me to get over fangirling over k pop idols wen theyre no different w american idols
bbseokjin bbseokjin 5 days ago
me with seokjin, long distance relationship, but Im much more like a ghost that cant even reach him.
clxire23 clxire23 Dec 24, 2016
When you're 26373863 miles apart from your bias and your just like *le cries*
chogitae chogitae Nov 03, 2016
when you're a potato and ur bias looks so much better than you ... the struggle is real lol