fangirl; {k.taehyung}

fangirl; {k.taehyung}

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F R A N By bwioppa Completed

"너를 사랑했고, 지금도 사랑해. 그 무엇도 이걸 바꿀수는 없을거야."

"I loved you, and I still do. I don't think anything will change that."

From the eyes of a fangirl.




Jungkook: -----
Taehyung: Fangirl
Jimin: Hurricane
Namjoon: -----
Hoseok: Smile
Seokjin: -----

PuriEliyo PuriEliyo Nov 24
i just realized that we all seemed like obsessed stalkers in tv.... but we are tbh
PuriEliyo PuriEliyo Nov 24
fam, dem frens be tellin me to get over fangirling over k pop idols wen theyre no different w american idols
chimeen chimeen Jul 16
This is (words shot right through the kokoro 💔). My hearteu
oohtaehyung oohtaehyung Nov 03
when you're a potato and ur bias looks so much better than you ... the struggle is real lol
myxerywoman myxerywoman Feb 04
I just started reading dis omg im so excited to c wat happens