50 Reasons I Hate The Boys Next Door || SDMN

50 Reasons I Hate The Boys Next Door || SDMN

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Harlyn was the girl in primary school you stayed away from; never had someone witnessed her willingly socializing with other children.

Harlyn was the girl in secondary school you stayed away from; if you so much as made a single mistake, she could spend hours telling you off for it.

Harlyn was the girl in University you stayed away from; she took her studies so seriously to the point she made no time for those who at least tried to befriend her.

Harlyn Stillard is the girl who's stuck next door to the 7 rowdiest and obnoxious boys she's ever met; now she's got 50 reasons to hate them for it.

[potential for occasional strong language]

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TBNRMidnight TBNRMidnight Sep 20, 2017
It's funny how alot of people here if you give them just one word can identify them so fast😂😂😂
bbxxrr bbxxrr Jul 11, 2016
Lmfao you made them sound really bad and almost like cünts😂
bethrossiterr bethrossiterr May 24, 2016
Exactly how to describe them tbh, other than Josh's hair 😂😂
svpport svpport Aug 23, 2016
The black one who is fairly quiet and the other black one😂😂
Sidechic_lifestyle Sidechic_lifestyle Nov 03, 2016
All true except Josh's hair it may be standard but it ain't unattractive