Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

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She was beautiful in every way; she had the curliest of blonde hair and brightest blue eyes. They envied her; they all did. But she did not want to be remembered for her enchanting looks or sad past.

Adelina was the second member of the Cullen Clan, before Edward and Esme. She was Carlisle Cullen's biological daughter, turned at a young age just as the rest of them, but with a sadder story and past then one could imagine. 

Once Bella Swan moves to Forks and becomes apart of their lives, things begin to change and Adele's past comes back to haunt her once more. Will she be able to handle it? Or will it not only destroy her, but the ones she loves? 

•Twilight Spin-off•

I love twilight and new moon an im glad someone else does too 😂😂😂