Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

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❝She sees in black and white, 
thinks in grays,
but loves in color.❞

I dread to tell you all of a story so horrid and bittersweet, for it may scar even the purest of hearts. The was once a girl who has the purest heart of all and upon enduring the events of which take place in this very tale, she perished.

Her name was once Adelina Carlisle Cullen when times were much happier, much easier. Since the ripe age of six, Adelina was thrown into the darkness of the world of the pale ones and it would forever be a journey she would not escape from. Death, loss and violence would paint the macabre of her history and when her history, her past, comes back to haunt her in the most uncanny of ways,...only she will know who will fall.

After the passing of three miserable centuries, the Cullen girl goes by a new name: Adele. Every vampire in the world knows of her, the girl who escaped the demons of monstrous past unscathed, and not only do they fear her -- they envy her. She was beautiful in every way, with a wounded soul that loved from a heart heavy with woe. When a teenage girl by the name of Bella Swan, who is as mundane as can be, falls into a star-crossed love with Adele's adoptive brother, she become to determined to help them get their happy ending.

Something she never had.

But when Adele's suppressed past comes back in the most unruly ways, she must decide whether helping Edward Cullen and Bella Swan achieve their happy ending is worth it. And in the meantime, she must also decide:....will she ever get her own happy ending? Will her troubled past lead to her demise?

When Adele Cullen takes a stand, she always stands tall. And even if it all meant her brutal death, she would make fools of them all.

HarmonicPeace HarmonicPeace Dec 27, 2016
OMG! I listened to the song as I read the chapter and it was amazing! I love it!
Kittygurlspole Kittygurlspole Aug 29, 2016
I love twilight and new moon an im glad someone else does too 😂😂😂