My Demonic Guardian Angel [#Wattys2017]

My Demonic Guardian Angel [#Wattys2017]

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Mama Rivers By yourfriendbri Updated 3 days ago

I followed behind Lucifer  wondering how big of a mistake I was about to make. 

Lucifer stopped walking and looked at me. "I can guarantee you before it's all over, you will be screaming my name." He smiled and winked.  Too shocked to say anything, I kept walking. 

When we finally reached the last step, Lucifer opened the door and grabbed my other free hand, pulling me outside, to the ledge of the building. I looked over the edge, not liking what I saw.

Three things became instantly apparent when we got to the ledge. One: I am terrified of heights. Two: I'm alone with a guy named Lucifer. Three: I suddenly felt like my life was in danger. Freaking out, I started backing away from the edge, backing into Lucifer.

 "What's wrong Angel? Are you afraid of heights?" I could feel his breath against my ear and it sent a shiver down my back.  

            I turned around and faced him. "What I'm afraid of is none of your business. Now if you will excuse me, I think I will be heading home." I tried to step around him, but he wouldn't let me.  "Excuse me, but I need you to move."

 Lucifer grinned and took a step toward me. "I want to show you something,"

I didn't like being in proximity of him so I place a hand on his chest preventing him from taking another step towards me. "No, I don't care what you want to show me. I really need to be heading home, and I would like it if you would move."

Lucifer's eyes turned a dark, stormy blue and a shadow seemed to cover his face, making him look more like a killer and less like your typical 19-year-old bad boy.  "Nobody tells me no and lives to breathe another breath." Lucifer snarled and made a grab for me.

I quickly took a step backwards and Lucifer came close to catching my arm but missed. I lost my balance and tripped over the ledge. As I fell backwards, I frantically tried to grab a hold of Lucifer but missed him by inches. For the first time in my life, I prayed to God as I fell off the building to my death.


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                              I have a feeling you gonna like this. I command you to read, even though you should be studying for bio!!
AWW I love it when Author create acknowledgements on here, makes me feel like the story will be somewhat professional. lol cant wait to read!
PrinceQuaye PrinceQuaye Feb 09, 2016
wow,what a a masterpiece, one can tell how good a story is ,when it opens your eye like the rising of the sun after it has kept its readers to series of suspense. Your story an epitome of that.
babygirlcamila babygirlcamila Apr 23, 2016
I can not wait to start reading this masterpiece in the making 😊👌