Accidental Infatuation

Accidental Infatuation

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cutie patootie By GloomyFaun Updated Aug 20, 2016

Killua Zoldyck was a prince; his mother's favorite, his sibling's least. Leaving the castle grounds was prohibited, but Killua needed to experience the outside world, even if it cost him everything. 

Venturing off on his own and avoiding being caught by his family, he finds himself falling for a local peasant boy. 

How is he supposed to deal with running from his past while dealing with the one person he wants to be in his future ?

allievwilliams allievwilliams Dec 31, 2015
You are an amazing writer. This should definitely be more popular. I'm genuinely enjoying it.
ohmygon ohmygon Dec 30, 2015
I can't believe how well written this is *^*/ I love it!! cx Please update soon~ :3