Bullied By Calum Hood

Bullied By Calum Hood

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W a l l f l o w e r By Abby_Music6 Updated Dec 28, 2017

He was new in school. Honestly, I didn't even know him but he hurt me for no reason. Okay, I admit that my parents aren't around most of the time and my brother is in jail but that doesn't mean you go around hurting my emotions and feelings.

I was tough, but he was tougher. And maybe that's why he found me as an easy target.

But I really want to know why he was doing it. Was he doing it to get popularity? Or was he doing it because he utterly disliked my presence?

Whatever the reason may be, I'm not bothered to investigate. I can bear the pain but I don't know for how long I'll be...

Bullied By Calum Hood.

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trinybean trinybean Jun 27, 2017
Wait, Clifford? Woa. Hood Bullying a Clifford.  It's like an alternate dimension
NoLightNoDark NoLightNoDark May 02, 2017
That's So Random (I used to watch That's So Raven when I was a toddler)
stxnbrough stxnbrough Feb 03, 2017
Hey my name is Alexandria, 10 letters! 10 letters, wow. I go by Ali though so that makes it better
Queen_Tiffany101 Queen_Tiffany101 Nov 19, 2016
"You look good, what's ya name girl." - Calum Hood via instagram though lol
stxnbrough stxnbrough Feb 03, 2017
OKAY HOLD UP GUYS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO HIT GIRLS. I'm 13 and I know this and so do my friends even though I punch their arms to try to get them to hit me back but they won't. So chill if 7th graders know this then high schoolers need to know this
stxnbrough stxnbrough Feb 03, 2017
Ok but I showed a picture of Calum to my friends and they saw his Indian tattoo and they were like "Why does he have a tattoo of our school?" Because our school 'mascot' (I guess that's what it's called) is an Indian (Native-American) and it looks just like his tattoo and it's so funny