The Pure One(BoyxBoy)  (Mpreg)

The Pure One(BoyxBoy) (Mpreg)

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Johnlock By Obsidian_Luxen Updated Aug 11, 2017

Rene(Pronounced Rain)  is a pure white wolf. He is a prize to MANY male dominate wolves. He is fought over by everyone. He has long white hair and striking blue eyes.He is 5'4. His family over-protects him all the time. Will he find his mate, The RIGHT one? Or will he be claimed by someone else?

  • boyxboy
  • dominant
  • mates
  • moongoddess
  • submissive
  • werewolf
mommyof4boys mommyof4boys May 23, 2017
It is. My friend's daughter got one for her birthday a few years ago. She has another that says " How Many Licks To Get To The Center Of My Tootsie Pop?" On the front. On the back "One Twoooooooooo"!!! My friends daughter & her friends are VERY weird! I love them!!
Demon_ruler Demon_ruler Jun 18, 2016
Eh I prefer either dark or really light colors. Anything that makes it so I don't stand out.
Sara111cool Sara111cool Jun 14, 2016
First time that it ain't someone waking up. And someone crashing their clock
Gracesam472324 Gracesam472324 Mar 01, 2017
I need that as an alarm clock. I keep falling asleep after mine
insanity_realm insanity_realm Apr 24, 2016
TheKAsian TheKAsian Oct 23, 2016
Yes! A book that uses the name Kylie sweet! My beautiful name I was born with is being used in a book I already love. 😂