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A Day To Remember (A Carl Grimes Fanfiction)

A Day To Remember (A Carl Grimes Fanfiction)

25.3K Reads 1K Votes 33 Part Story
Walking_DEAD_FanficS By Walking_DEAD_FanficS Updated Jan 09

●This story is a Carl Grimes X Reader●

"You stared at him with the same expression writen on your own face. "Y/N... You're alive.." He stared towards you with disbelieve in his eyes."

You're a lone survivor in the world that went to hell shortly after you and your bestfriend went to school that morning. After everything went down, you were alone through it all, expecting everyone to be dead and gone. You fought and fought, running around trying to find something but you never expected to find him ever again.

Made: December 19, 2015

[This story is written between two people! If you see: "Y/N POV"; It is puppyluvnial2001
And if you see: "Chapter #: Carl's POV"; Then it is _N0EL_]

Happy_Thopyee27 Happy_Thopyee27 Aug 27, 2016
Wait a sec..How come Y/n knows the word 'Walker' before Rick even said a single word????
jbash2005 jbash2005 Apr 19, 2016
WHY R U SAYING SHAWN? IT IS SHANE! XD! u see shawn greene in the comics at Hershals farm but he is already a walker.
deedee_brown_2k17 deedee_brown_2k17 Dec 03, 2016
I just yelled out "CARL WATCH YOUR MOUTH BOY" and My mom yelled "HE DONT HAVE TO HES CARL POPPA!" my family I swear
brendonsbae87 brendonsbae87 Jul 27, 2016
Wait how old is carl supposed to be in this bc he's only 9 in the show rn im confuzzled af
whatup_fandoms whatup_fandoms Aug 21, 2016
I have a really good book recommendation on Wattpad ! It's called tips to writing the perfect story . You should read it