The Pastor

The Pastor

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babygirl. By tinky-winkystyles Updated May 29, 2017

Adeline, the pastors not-so-innocent daughter.

Harry, the sexually frustrated atheist.

"Kneel by your bed and pray to your God before I spank the shít out of you, baby girl."

"Yes daddy"

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harrythefrog harrythefrog May 18, 2017
go away all of u im trying to get back to my roots and u follow me here
shortsuave shortsuave Jul 10, 2017
When I'm into it, I give a slight push back so that they know I am aware of their presence. Or I hardcore adjust away from them so they get the hint
meow_meow_meow1 meow_meow_meow1 Jun 12, 2017
Mouth wide open mouth wide open put it so deep can't speak a sentence
notaccanymore notaccanymore May 31, 2017
MeLaNiE iS gOinG tO intROdUcE uS To hEr nEw bOyfRienD wHen hE cOmES HOmE FoR DinNER
LondonJanae LondonJanae Sep 16, 2017
Fr like sounds lit but y'all could do a bit better with the room tho
Oml the church kids are the baddest. I used to go to church like, 3 time a week & then I went to school with a lot of the church people and if they parents had seen the way they acted 😂 Church kids are fücking horrible 9/10