[HIATUS][Gender Neutral]Chat Noir X Reader ♥︎

[HIATUS][Gender Neutral]Chat Noir X Reader ♥︎

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A Living Meme By RosyIsFabulous Updated Mar 05, 2018


It all started because of a little rabbit.

When Adrien Agreste breaks your camera he freaks out. After freaking out he notices an amulet by the camera. The amulet has an unknown power? What could it be? How will Adrien find out?

More importantly, what will you think of each other in the end?

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animecoolest animecoolest Mar 30, 2018
Girl you really want to be speaking because * looks up and down at Chole's outfit in disgust * I can tell you haven't seen yourself in a mirror
- - Apr 30, 2017
Naw, she would look horrible in that outfit. Actually, she looks horrible in everything.
Ma_D_sunXD Ma_D_sunXD Oct 04, 2016
She can fit the job I guess but at least she won't have to gain weight
- - Jun 25, 2016
When did Chloe become Santa like: " WHEN CHRISTMAS SANT CHLOE!!!"
lunar_kat2 lunar_kat2 Dec 14, 2016
Me:Well she does not have to gain any wight!
                              Chloe: I HURD THAT!
KarmaIsKillerBae KarmaIsKillerBae Oct 02, 2016
When Santa says "ho ho ho"
                              He was referring to Chloe as a "hoe hoe hoe"