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Samantha By CottonCandyEyes Updated Nov 24, 2012

Luna Crowe has been homeless ever since her parents died. She's spent every dime she has and just wants to read a book. That she doesn't intend to buy. When she gets kicked out of the book store, her life changes forever...  Literally.

Alliejaae_ Alliejaae_ Mar 09, 2013
Are you going to write more of the book? All of them are AMAZING btw!:)
CottonCandyEyes CottonCandyEyes Feb 27, 2012
@EvaDavis I've written chapter 12 but I'm not sure when I'm going to post it yet because I'm not sure if I like it :p but soon :)
CottonCandyEyes CottonCandyEyes Feb 23, 2012
@SocialExperiment haha :D PSH ikr!? you know what's amazing!? tacitos dipped in nacho CHEESE *-* it shortens your life expectency (not really sure thats a true fact) by about 10 years but oh my god O.O delish. :D
SocialExperiment SocialExperiment Feb 23, 2012
@CottonCandyEyes No, those zombles scare me >.<! and Mexican food is crazy good! tacitos for LIFE!!! the scarecrow is mean! i wanna see his real face!
SocialExperiment SocialExperiment Feb 23, 2012
@CottonCandyEyes I was playing dead island the other day and this boss zombie comes around the corner, i nearly shat myself! but i kicked it's ass! It was hard! i had a dream that these mexicans came along and dressed me up like a giant taco and ATE ME!! I was terrified! worst dream ever!
SocialExperiment SocialExperiment Feb 23, 2012
@CottonCandyEyes Wait a minute! HOBOS ARE ZOMBIES!!! ruuuun! run  for your lives!! and my friend Alisha wears it, she gets weirded out when I sniff her, but i don't care, she smells so gooooood! And good for you! capes are BITCHEN!! If i had one i'd run around being batman!! WOOP WOOP!!!!