My Boxer (Lesbian)

My Boxer (Lesbian)

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ForeverLoving1562 By ForeverLoving1562 Updated Sep 26, 2017

Princess in MM

Ryland's P.O.V.

"You got this . You got this ." Princess told me grabbing onto my head . 

"You hear me ?" She asked . I nodded and she put her forehead against mine and started praying real quick . 

She mumbled "Amen ." And I did as well. She gave me a kiss on the lips and moved out of the ring . 

"Beat her ass Ry !!!" She shouted once taking her seat. 

I looked over at my opponent and then heard the bell ring . 

Then I blacked out. 

The match was over in 2 minutes . 

I broke the girls nose . 

The ref grabbed both our hands . 

"Ladies and gentlemen. We give you our reigning champion Ryland "The Rock" Torrez " the ref shouted throwing my hand up . 

The crowd jumped up going crazy. I see Princess jump up and run to the ring . "That's my baby !" She shouted . I walked over to the side and held my hand out . She got it and came up . She was wearing a short black suit and black studded heels. 

She jumped on me and gave a kiss. 

I kissed her back holding her ...

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lilyquota lilyquota Feb 07, 2016
I understand, he was too damn friendly hut Ryland seems like a hot head too i don't mind