What In The Name Of Orion

What In The Name Of Orion

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Jinteresting 🤔 By Z_White Updated 19 hours ago

What in the name of ORION is going on with the Zodiacs?! 

First they're living above all else guiding you with the use of stars, arguing and after each others throat.

Now they're human! Doing the same exact things and more! 

Not only that, but they're enrolled into school, for ORION knows what reason, dealing with mean girls, bad boys and... shadow men?
One thing is for sure, there's never a dull moment in the life of the Zodiacs. 

And you're about to find out.

Revamped: March 19, 2018

Ps. I would like to thank unicornpig for her awesome story Zodiac Life. In which inspired me to write this story! This is for you!

Ranked #73 in Fantasy: 10/11/16

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Zodiacing Zodiacing 2 days ago
Hooray, I might not have finished the first book but I guess I don't really have to now that it's getting a revamp.  Go Z, I bet it'll be epic.
sugarkooked sugarkooked Mar 09
Hey! Fellow Aquarius, me too! 
                              My question every time I read a love story.
                              “What I Opposites were the best couples?”
                              In both categories and personalities.
AquaFoxx116 AquaFoxx116 2 days ago
I, as an Aquarius find this to be my second favorite Aquarius ship. I totally agree, that idea of opposites it very cute
YAY CAPRICORN IS A GIRLLLLL. You have no idea how hard it is to find stories where Capricorn is a girl...
BananaTreeLady BananaTreeLady 3 days ago
You should do Francisco Lachowski for one of the fire guys. You can choose which one :)
H4RM0NY H4RM0NY 18 hours ago
I haven't read this one in a while, so I can't remember if we're shipped w/ anyone or not, but in many of the books I've read, Virgo's r the lonely awkward once (n while that is true about me) it's nice to be in a cute ship
                              Okay, I'll stop now