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In The Name Of Orion!

In The Name Of Orion!

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"Looks are what you are attracted to, Personality is what you like." -Z.White By Z_White Updated 4 days ago

What in the name of ORION is going on with the Zodiacs?! 
First they're living above all else guiding you with the use of stars, arguing and after each others throat.
Now they're human! Doing the same exact things and maybe more :o
Not only that, but they are enrolled into school, for ORION knows what reason.
Later ending up separated and running for their lives. 
There is never a dull moment in the life of the 12 Zodiacs. 

And you're about to find out.

I would like to thank unicornpig for her awesome story Zodiac Life. In which inspired me to write this story! This is for you!

Ranked #73 in Fantasy: 10/11/16

LittleMoonstones LittleMoonstones Sep 26, 2016
This Cancer is the exact opposite of me(I'm a Cancer) .........I LOVE IT!
GirlScorpio2002 GirlScorpio2002 Sep 11, 2016
I'm a Scorpio I have the same hair colour but different eyes. I have dark almost black eyes
Wolve_Dreamer Wolve_Dreamer Oct 23, 2016
I kinda ship Capricorn x Aries *hides behind tree* idk why >.<
DaughterofLeto DaughterofLeto Dec 06, 2016
When you find someone else with the same sign♒️♒️♒️
KawaiiMarshmellows63 KawaiiMarshmellows63 Oct 15, 2016
I dunno y I'm mentioning dis, but oh well
                              I remember when I used to go to Piano lessons late in the day, and
                              when I went home, I could see Orion
                              It was fun seeing the constellations 
AquaFoxx116 AquaFoxx116 Aug 20, 2016