11:11 [Naruto!Various! x Reader]

11:11 [Naruto!Various! x Reader]

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Iz Back OwO By kkouchii_ Updated Jun 22

[Y/N] [L/N] is a Cheerful, Kind and a BIG Otaku who loves the anime called Naruto. She live with her Wicked Step Mother and sisters who seems to boss her around like a maid. Much to their dismay, She wouldn't care. All she knows is dreaming on living in the Naruto world. One day, She heard her friends talk about a certain thing called 11:11 in which if you wished in that exact time, your wish will become true. 

What will happen next to [Y/N] as she proceed on believing such foolish thing? Read and Find out!

EDITED: 10/27/16

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I've been doing it everyday since 2nd grade and i don't see a pony, 1 million bucks, the answers to my next test, or francisco lachowski anywhere
since you watched naruto (reader-chan i mean) then you should know that he is gentle (mostly)
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Praise the lord for the clear skin!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 HALLELUJAH!.... I have black-ish eyes and dirty blond hair tho.... no clear skin that's for sure
Why some Author put x reader when it's a OC? I freaking hate it when they do that... 😭 at least put x OC 😢
Judy_Redfox Judy_Redfox Nov 12
You know when it said "long black hair that reaches under my butt" I thought it said I reached under my butt
Stop glaring at me what did i do 😢
                              Stupid sun