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11:11 [Naruto!Various! x Reader]

11:11 [Naruto!Various! x Reader]

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【Little blond dinosaur ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 】 By kkouchii_ Updated 4 days ago

[Y/N] [L/N] is a Cheerful, Kind and a BIG Otaku who loves the anime called Naruto. She live with her Wicked Step Mother and sisters who seems to boss her around like a maid. Much to their dismay, She wouldn't care. All she knows is dreaming on living in the Naruto world. One day, She heard her friends talk about a certain thing called 11:11 in which if you wished in that exact time, your wish will become true. 

What will happen next to [Y/N] as she proceed on believing such foolish thing? Read and Find out!

EDITED: 10/27/16

Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Mar 13
I wish, I wish upon a star..........for unlimited Oreos and anime!! O-oh, and world peace...that too! Hehe.......
im gonna try this to go to the NARUTO WORLD and...and...and i wish its true .-.
so you ate a break? i didn't know you could do that..i should do that XD (did you mean bread?)
tanialubbe tanialubbe Apr 02
Yes I'm popular it's such a nice change because normally girls on deez books or shy are being bullied this is a good improvement and  so I became less bored and more interested😋
with the house chores or death reminds me of the cake or death XD
Okay so I like this but I have a slight issue with the grammar.