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The First Time I Smiled

The First Time I Smiled

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sinnamon bun By SinnamonMatsu Completed

Hi readers! I thought after reading a Osomatsu San book on wattpad I've been inspired to write one of my own book. Recently I wanted to attract new readers to my profile so I decided I would write this book. 

This is a Jyushimatsu x Ichimatsu book and and is one of my otps. This will be a boy x boy book and will have anime incest so if you don't approve you may not want to read this. 

Please enjoy and review are always are welcomed to make my book 
 better :3 

NOTE: I do not support Incest in real life! It's just plain wrong in reality but, this is anime and it's not real.  Thank you @EvanelleMago for editing the picture and making the cover for me!!

lilttcfcfbbbvvv lilttcfcfbbbvvv Dec 13, 2016
I don't know why people don't support consensual incest. If you claim "love is love" than consensual incest is love too.
kittysans kittysans Oct 01, 2016
This made me laugh cause it's a inside joke at school that me and my friends would say go die in a hole and this one guy is like "can u go die in a hole please" and my friend is like "well atleast he used his manners"
                              But if I didn't have that inside joke then yah this is sad
Meepaliciousness Meepaliciousness Dec 09, 2016
feelsy but honestly i feel like there wasnt enough build-up so it feels like it came out of nowhere
MinamiRen MinamiRen Jan 08, 2016
i thaught it said "and almost apat half of his pear over ichi"
                              i need glasses www
AlexGabrielleLandich AlexGabrielleLandich Jan 03, 2016
when jyushi and todo said ichimastu there's no nii-san at the end
- - Dec 17, 2015
This chapter is really cute! Cant wait to see how Jyushi will make Ichi smile :) thx for shout out btw xD